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The first days after diagnosis can be a very stressful time. We support newly diagnosed patients by distributing comfort kits at gynecological oncology offices throughout the greater Richmond area. Each kit comes in an attractive tote bag and contains little essentials to make the journey with ovarian cancer a little easier. If you wish to make a donation in support of this effort, visit our Donate page.

CancerDancer is an all-volunteer organization run entirely on charitable contributions. We accept both monetary and in-kind contributions from corporation and organizations. If you would like to make a donation or get involved, please contact us by sending us a message from our Contact page or sending an email to

We come together as survivors about once every other month. Family and friends are welcome to join us for an informal time to talk, eat and share our experiences. Our members discover a lot of informal wisdom and create lasting friendships. CancerDancer is happy to pick up the tab for survivors at their first brunch. Visit our Events page for dates.


Giving is fast, easy and makes you feel great! Simply click the Donate button on any web page or go to our Donate page to discover how you and make a difference in the lives of those impacted by ovarian cancer.


We have myriad volunteer opportunities throughout the year. From a couple of hours at an event, to deeper commitments to the ovarian cancer community, our volunteers are a crucial part of our outreach. To find out how you can volunteer, contact us by sending us a message from our Contact page or sending an email to

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